Barbara Cook
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The Barbara Cook Rhododendron was named and hybridized by Patricia Walton of Mahwah, New Jersey in the late 1980s. Pat writes the following:

“The rhododendron ‘Barbara Cook’ originated as the result of my raising seed obtained from the seed exchange of the American Rhododendron Society. The cross was made by a gentleman in Ohio, and I ended up with only two plants which were planted outside and took eight years to attain bloom size. I chose the first one as a promising selection, as it had large, peach pink flowers with frilly edges. I was very fortunate consequently, to see Barbara for the first time, and she graciously permitted me to name the plant in her honor. I frequently use it in my hybridizing program, as do many of my friends, and it has been a rewarding parent. I recently received an email from some people in Canada who have named a new rhododendron from my cross of rhododendrons ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Barbara Cook’. They got my seeds from the ARS seed exchange, and so it goes. It is gratifying to know that something worthwhile has come from your work with plants.”
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